Our Commitment

At Life Spire Assisted Living, we are passionately committed to providing unsurpassed elder care and service of the highest quality to our residents.

We know that elderly individuals can have special requirements and needs. Providing for those needs is part of our dedication to creating a healthy, safe and home-like environment for your loved one to have the highest quality of life.

Customized Elder Care Services

At Life Spire Assisted Living, our caregiver-to-patient ratio is well below the state-mandated level. That means that our certified and well-trained caregivers can really focus on and give personal attention to the residents under their care.

Personalized services for your loved one begins from the very first moment. A caregiver will conduct the intake evaluation and with both of you and your loved one to create a specialized care plan. This care plan includes:

  • Special dietary restrictions and/or needs
  • Medical needs
  • Medication requirements
  • Special care instructions

Once the specialized plan is in place, the same caregiver will be in charge of your love one’s care. That way, he or she will know from the very beginning how to give the best care possible to your loved one.

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