Our Story- To Be the Hands and Feet

Age is beautiful, it demands respect and dignity. The elderly are giants of the forest, wise, full of experience, worthy of our praise and adoration. This is the view the Bible holds on age and we see things at Life Spire the same way.

Age carries with it only one promise. That when we are old we will receive the respect, dignity and honor that is due us. That someone will care and want to return the love and care that was given so long ago to others. It is the Golden Rule in effect.

Nature herself teaches us that age demands dignity and honor. The older the redwoods, the more majestic. The older wines and cheeses are, the more they are praised and honored for taste. Should it not hold true that the older a man, the more he is to be appreciated by others. At Life Spire we are convinced that many people are missing one of the greatest opportunities available when they do not get to know our elders. All too soon these towering pillars of faith and wisdom will pass from our midst and the loss will be tremendous.

Let us provide the quality care that they deserve! As local owners and operators who provided care for the disabled in their private home and who saw a different vision for what a Assisted Living should be we are proud to offer you our service.

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