Level of Care

Life Spire Assisted Living is designed for people who need assistance with daily activities such as personal care, medication management, mobility, meal preparation and household chores.

We are licensed to provide care for individuals at one of three levels of care. All levels offer a enhanced model which covers all current aspects of care needs as well as those that can be anticipated.

  • Level One (low level of care) : The resident needs occasional supervision, assistance or reminders to perform some daily activities, but is independent in other activities. He or she may require assistance or reminders to take medications, or may be able to take medications independently.
  • Level Two (moderate level of care) : The resident requires more substantial support with some activities of daily living, while needing only minimal assistance with others. Assistance with medications may be provided.
  • Level Three (high level of care) : The resident needs frequent and comprehensive assistance with activities of daily living. Staff administers medications or assists the resident to take them; staff monitors the resident for the effects of medications.

Note: If a resident requires more than Level Three care, the provider may request a resident-specific waiver from the state, if the provider can show that the facility can provide the needed services through the use of Hospice or ancillary care providers.

Levels One through Three are included in Memory Care Service Plans.

When you consider an assisted living facility, think about how your relative’s health status may change over time. If your relative has a progressive condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, he or she may need more help in a year or two than is presently required. Consider choosing Life Spire Assisted Living ALL INCLUSIVE PLAN, so the person may remain at the facility WITH A LOCK IN FEE RATE!

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