Locally Owned and Operated

Stay Local!

Life Spire Assisted Living is locally-owned operated. We are not a franchise, nor do we belong to any national corporate chain. We enjoy providing our loving and quality services to customers local and from afar, but we truly love using our local resources and each other. We are devoted to raising the visibility and viability of the care we provide as local owners, we believe we are the backbone of the city’s culture, economy and character.

Life Spire is about Culture. Life Spire Assisted Living is unique in character and has a aura of authenticity. We are a big part of why people want to live, work, eat and make this their new home!

Life Spire is about Commerce. Study after study shows that shopping or receiving services at a locally-owned, independent business is far better for the local economy than shopping or purchasing services at non-local businesses. The reason? When you spend money at a local business like us, we then re-spend that money throughout the local economy at a much greater rate than chains, who ship most of your money off to wherever corporate is.

Life Spire is about Environment. A strong economy is a sustainable economy, and a sustainable economy is one with as many built-in local networks as possible. The more we buy and source from businesses that are firmly rooted here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, the more resilient we become.

Life Spire Assisted Living is a celebration of what’s right about how Assisted Living is done, when owned operated by owners that embark on this journey with you and stand by your side along the way.

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