At Life Spire Assisted Living we share a common goal with every family who walks through our doors. That is, we want the very best for our elderly and our loved ones. I have had the special opportunity to serve both my grandparents in my facility and honor and respect all residents with the same respect and dignity that is owed not only to my grandparents, but to all. It is our responsibility and privilege to provide opportunities and inspiration for residents to embrace senior living and thrive.

Through the years, we’ve identified many facets of healthy living that contribute to our residents total well being. These include expression, inner strength, brainpower, spirituality, socialization, exercise and movement, and nourishment and health. When we put them into action, they work together to keep our residents joyful and thriving. It works in many ways through our community. For example, participating in a brain fitness class may contribute to more than mental well being by building new social relationships and prolonging independence. Dining activities may nourish more than the body when you consider the lively conversation and positive atmosphere. Our attractive a bright and warm individual residences can provide more than a safe environment when embellished with cherished belongings, personal mementos, and even the companionship of a small pet. Relationships, after all is what makes the world go round.

Together we can obtain and provide the very best for our loved ones. Our philosophy helps us achieve this together.

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